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20 july of 2004 year

8th Symposium on Multifunction and Functionally Graded Materials (FGM-2004)

Scientists from MSISA attended the 8th Symposium on Multifunction and Functionally Graded Materials (FGM-2004) which was held on July 11-14, 2004 in Leuven, Belgium ( Prof. E.A. Levashov acted as a member of International Committee. During the conference Prof. E.A. Levashov was a chair of the session Processing and Prof. D.V. Shtansky was a chair of the session Biomedical Materials and their Applications.

The MSISA group presented six papers including two Keynote lectures

  • Prof. E.A. Levashov
    Synthesis and application of new multifunctional and functionally graded materials
  • Prof. D.V. Shtansky
    Structure and wear performance of double-layer WSex/hard coatings

    Also three oral and one poster presentations were made

  • Prof. D.V. Shtansky
    Biocompatibility of hard, low friction Ti-(Ca,Si,Nb,Zr)-(C,N,O) coatings
  • Prof. M.R. Filonov
    Electrochemical and tribological compatibility of stomatological products
  • Dr. V.V. Kurbatkina
    Regularities of composite materials with micrograded grain structure formation
  • Dr. A.E. Kudryashov
    New multifunctional FGM-coatings produced using ESA and TRESS methods

The opportunity was also taken to discuss collaborative research work between MSISA and foreign partners within the frame of the international projects Eureka and FP6.
Finally, Prof. E.A. Levashov participated in the Meeting of the International Advisory Committee of FGMs. It was decided that next 9th International Symposium on FGMs will be held in Chicago. Prof. G.H. Paulino from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champain will act as Programme Chair for the FGM-2006 event

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